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Project first time in Gujarat

  1. Highstrangth Sintered Bauxite Proppant project in Kutch.
  2. Synthetic zeolite project in Kutch.
  3. Speciality chemical of Bauxite in Kaira.
  4. Coating clay project in Sabarkantha District.
  5. Coated calcium carbonate powder in Kutch District.
  6. Bentonite Grannules in Kutch District.
  7. Light Weight Aggregate Project from Diatomaceous Clay.
  8. Resin Coated SilicaSand Proppant from SilicaSand.


Bhuvaneshwari Mineral Consultancy provides various services for existing as well as new entrepreneurs,industrial houses ,mineral based industries and lease holders.

Geological services:

  • Mineral property investigation including detailed field exploration by drilling.
  • Development of sampling procedures: Bore-logging, test procedure for analytical work.
  • Mine Plan Preparation
  • Contouring & Surveying.

Technical services:

  • Identification Mineral Based Projects.
  • Preparation of Project profiles.
  • Techno-economic Feasibility Reports.
  • Technology search & Tie up.
  • Flow sheet evolution of mineral based projects.
  • Selection & Sourcing of mineral Processing Machineries.
  • Sourcing Raw materials with quality & quantity.
  • Comprehensive market surveys for Minerals & Valued products.
  • Valuation of Mineral based Projects & mining Projects .

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